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A basic Snake game in Visual C++ can be created using the Windows API and C++ programming language. The code for the game typically includes the following elements:

  1. Initialization of the game window: This involves creating a window using the CreateWindow function and setting its properties such as the size, position, and title.
  2. Handling user input: The game logic is controlled by the user’s input using the arrow keys. This is typically done using the GetAsyncKeyState function to detect key presses and the TranslateMessage function to translate virtual-key messages into character messages.
  3. Game loop: The game loop is responsible for updating the game state, checking for collisions, and redrawing the window. This is done using the PeekMessage and DispatchMessage functions to handle events and the InvalidateRect function to redraw the window.
  4. Drawing the game elements: The snake, food, and walls are typically drawn using the GDI functions such as the Rectangle and Ellipse functions.
  5. Scoring: The player’s score is typically incremented when the snake eats a piece of food and displayed on the screen.

It’s important to note that this is a high level overview of what a basic Snake game in Visual C++ would look like. The actual implementation would be more complex and there would be many more details to consider.

At the top he defined four Constants for the controller to make action depending upon the input declared some global variables  which can be used for the entire flow of the program.

I am going to give an outline for the program thus which will help the budding programmers to understand it easily.

After that several method prototypes are declared for invoking the function when it is useful.

At starts System(cls) clears the command line windows in order for the game to run.

The Start Method is used to start the game followed by selecting the level using the method after that a character input is expected from the user inorder for the game to start.

The START declaration is used to declare a goto statement after that and methods are invoked when it called.

When the snake hits a wall the Thread sleeps for one second and the game instance is destroyed.

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