C++ Program to Find the Reverse of String or Number (5 different ways)3 min read

In this program, we will learn how to find the reverse a number or string in C++ programming language.

We will be discussing a total of 5 ways.

  • Finding reverse of a number
    1. Using While loop
    2. Using recursion
  • Finding reverse of a string
    1. Using inbuilt function
    2. Using iterative method (for loop)
    3. And by using recursion

Let’s discuss these ways one by one.

Find the Reverse of a Number

Using while loop

Firstly,  you have to ask the user to enter a number and store it in num variable. Now, start reversing that number to find its reverse and then display its reverse in the output.

To reverse a number, first make a variable say rev and place 0 to rev initially, and make one more variable say rem. Now place the modulus of the number to rem and place rev*10+rem to rev, now divide the number with 10 and continue until number will become 0.



Using recursion

In this, we will use recursion. The recursive method reverseNumber() is used.



Find the Reverse of a String

Using the for loop

In this program the user is asked to enter a string and it is stored in the variable str. The length of str is stored in the variable j and i is initialized as 0. Using a for loop, the string is reversed. The ith character of str is swapped with jth character using a temporary variable temp. The loop terminates when i is less than jstr is then printed which is the reversed string.



Using the inbuilt function

In this code, we will use the reverse() inbuild function.

Using the recursion

In this, we will use recursion. The recursive method recursiveReverse() is used.


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