C++ Program to Implement Radix Sort2 min read

C++ Program to Implement Radix Sort

This is a C++ Program to Sort the Given Data using Radix sort.

  • In this algorithm sorting of data is done from least significant digit to most significant digit.
  • Here we need 10 different spaces labeled 0 to 9.
  • Assume we have ‘n’ number of inputs.
  • Let ‘d’ be the maximum number of digit the input data has.
  • The time complexity for radix sort is O(n*d).
  • Radix sort solves the problem of card sorting by sorting on the least significant digit first.
  • Get the maximum value from the input array which has ‘d’ digits.
  • Starting from least significant digit, sort the data.
  • Take this data as input for next significant digit.
  • Run the iteration till d digit.
  • Display the result.
  • Exit.

Cpp Code:


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