What is the usage of class Template in Generic C++ Programming2 min read

Using templates programmers can create abstract class that define the behavior of the classes without actually knowing what data types will be handled by the class operation. Such class are known as class templat. Syntax for creating a class template is as follow:

Syntax for creating an objects of the template class is as follow:

The process of creating an objects of a template class or creating a specific classes from a class template is called instantiations. The instantiated object of a template classes is known as specializations. If a class template is specialized by some but not all parameter it is called partial specialization and if all the parameter are specialized, it is a full specializations.

Following program demonstrate creating a class template and using it:

Output for the above programs is as follows:

The template data type allows default argument. Syntax for specifying default data type is as follow:

We can define member functions of a class templates outside the classes. Syntax for doing it is as follow:

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