DateTime.AddDays() Method in C# using ASP.NET – Programming Code Examples

DateTime.AddDays() Method in C# using ASP.NET2 min read

In the .net framework there are many built in methods and properties exists to manage datetime object. DateTime.AddDays() method returns a new DateTime that adds the specified number of days to the value of this datetime object instance.

this method require to pass a parameter. this parameter name is ‘value’ and its data type is System.Double. this value parameter passes a number of whole and fractional days. this value parameter can be a negative or positive number.

DateTime.AddDays() method return a System.DateTime type value. return datetime object is the sum of provided datetime instance and the number of days passes by parameter.

this method does not modify the provided datetime object instead it return the result as a new datetime object.

the following c# example code demonstrate us how can we add days with a datetime object in .net framework.

C# ASP.NET Code:



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