How to Easily Retrieve Data from an XML File in C# – Programming Code Examples

How to Easily Retrieve Data from an XML File in C#1 min read

This tutorial explains some tips for recovering values contained in an XML file. The published code is generic enough to be used in each of your projects!

#, Visual Basic .NET, and other .NET programmign langauges, along with frameworks such as ASP.NET, all take advantage of XML’s rich features. In fact, ASP.NET’ application’s configuration file (web.config) is built completely upon XML tags.

In this article, you will learn how to use C# to read an XML file.

This file would have the following structure:

Save XML file in bin debug folder


To recover the value of the key “client”, it is very convenient to create a class and a dedicated method, like here:

This method searches the entire XML file for the “Client” element. When it is found, then just look at its value.



How to Use XML File to Store Data and Retrieve Data



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