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How to get the current time of day in C#2 min read

The following c# example code demonstrate us how can we get the time from a datetime object. DateTime object represent an instance in time typically expressed as a date and time of day. DateTime object exists in .net System namespace.

DateTime.Now property get a DateTime object that is set to the current date and time on web server, expressed as the local time. in this example code at first we create a datetime variable and assigning value by using DateTime.Now property.

finally we extract the time object from the DateTime variable by DateTime.TimeOfDay property. TimeOfDay property get a time interval that represent the fraction of the day that has elapsed since midnight from a datetime object. this property value type is System.TimeSpan. so using the DateTime.TimeOfDay property we can get the time from a datetime object.

TimeSpan object represent a time interval. we can display time of day direct to browser or we can format the result using DateTime.ToString() method. we can use ToString method format parameter or composite formatting feature with the ‘t’ or ‘T’ standard format string. ‘t’ format specifier display the first character of the AM/PM designator. ‘tt’ format specifier display the AM/PM designator.

How to get the current time of day in C#
How to get the current time of day in C#



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