How to Set 100% Table Height in HTML1 min read

This is very commonly faced problem by the html designer/developers. Table height doesn’t expanding to 100% of the space even they set it in the style. See the example below

When I see this in browser, its don’t show up with 100% height of the space available.

What does 100% height means?

Setting the 100% height of the table means the table will occupy 100% of the available space vertically. Here available space means space of it’s parent control. If the height of the parent control is not 100% then height of the table couldn’t be 100%.

If you are trying to set 100% height of the table directly contained the body of a html page the you need to first set the height of the body and html. The below code will work perfectly fine for the 100% table height.

If you are using css then

This will work in almost all browser

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  • This is the best solution I’ve seen for making a layout table that fills up the page space. Thank you for sharing this!

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