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Java vs Python Which is Better for Beginner4 min read

Java and Python both are two of the most used languages by developers. Object orientation can be used in both languages. Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language written in C while Java is made upon a virtual machine that is portable. In this article, I will tell you (Java vs Python) which language is better in different aspects. Follwowing are some main differences between Java and Python.

Code Run Latency

Java is a very fast language while executing the code while Python is a little slow while executing code. Java is faster because it’s a compiled language. Python is an interpreted language that takes more time to be executed.

Java points: 1

Python points: 0

Android And Website Development

For Android development, Python is not a competitor of Java. You can make easily develop android apps with Java and that’s why it’s mostly used for android development.

Using Java and Python you can write the backend for websites. Python is mostly used for website backend after PHP. Java is fast for the backend and Python has many features and libraries for web development like Django and Flask.

Java points: 2

Python points 1

Competitive Programming

Java can be used for competitive programming while Python is not recommended. For competitive programming, you can use C++ instead of these two languages. C++ is more friendly for competitive programming because of STL(Standard Template Library).

Java points: 3

Python points: 1

Libraries Java vs Python

Python libraries are better than Java because there are libraries for everything in Python like web development, machine learning, API development, etc. Libraries of Python are easy to use for beginners because they are immense. While in Java there are limited libraries and they are not beginner-friendly.

Java points: 3

Python points: 2

Syntax Java vs Python

The syntax is the rule by which you have to write code and if you didn’t follow that rule you will get an error. Java syntax is very lengthier than Python it means that Java takes more lines of code to perform the same task. Because of its syntax Python is used more. Below is an example of Python and Java code for displaying “Hello, World”.

Python Code

Java Code

Java points: 3

Python points: 3

Interpreted vs Compiled Languages

As python is an interpreted language means that it’s code is not directly converted to machine language. The interpreter reads the code and then executes it which makes it easy to use. While Java is a compiled which directly converts the program which makes it faster.

Length Of Code

In Python the developer doesn’t have to write too much code for a small task. But in Java the developer have to write a lot of code for a task. Python doesn’t need any semi colon(;) at the end of any line but in Java if you forget to place a semi colon at the end of the line you will get an error.

In Java curly braces also increase the length of the code while in Python you don’t need to place any kind of curly braces but indentiation. Indentation makes the Python code look clean.

Java points: 3

Python points: 4

Popularity Java vs Python

At the time Python is more popular than Java because of it’s easy understanding for beginners that’s why many beginners start their programming journey with Python. Back in the day Java was more popular but Python became more popular when it was started using for Machine Learning and Data Science.

Java points: 3

Python points: 5

Best For Beginners

Due to the easy understanding of Python it’s easy for beginners. Python has a lot of libraries which makes coding easy for beginners. Java is not recommended because there are some complex concepts in Java like it’s syntax, object-orientation, synchronized and volatile keywords etc.

Java points: 3

Python points: 6

Which is Better?

According to this comparison Java has 3 points while Python has a lead with 6 points. According to the aspects which are discussed in this article Python is better. But it doesn’t mean that Java is not good. Java has it’s on pros and Python has it’s own but this provides a clear idea about which is better.


Java and Python both are object-oriented programming languages. Java is faster than Python in code execution. For android development Java is used but for web development mostly Python is used. Java can be used for competitive programming but Python is not recommended.

Libraries in Python make it easy to work with. The syntax of Java is very annoying for some people and hard to learn for beginners. Python can do a task in less lines of code than Java. Python has become more popular than Java overtime. Java is not recommended for beginners.

What do you think which language is better? Let us know in the comments.


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