Send an encrypted email using automated in Java4 min read

Today we are going to demonstrate how to send encrypted emails using java.

Data encryption is necessary as in the real life is full of security threats from hackers, The data must be protected by using some form of encryption, but transferring the data from one place to another place also needs encryption so the people or the users on the same line can’t read your data.

Today in this article I am going to demonstrate you how to send encrypted emails using the java code.

How to send encrypted email in Java using the Chilkat email component.

Java Code :

The Code Explained

  1. Download chilkatsoft api from the link once you have downloaded copy the class files in to the mypackage folder.
  2. We have to import the chilkat library hence.

Now I have writted an class Encrypted Email which is used to load their library if the load fails we have generate the exception that the import has failed hence I have used a catch block. I have used the static block just to make the block accessible globally

Now we have to create an object for the ChilKat class in order to use it’s methods

An SMTP(Send Message Transfer Protocol) is required to send a message using the mail

I forgot you must have a working mail server in order to send mails. If they ask for username and password provide in these fields. I have commented them in the code assuming that you won’t require them.I have just added a single recipient you can use multiple recipient using a loop

Let’s create a simple email now using the methods and objects

We have came to the main part of the article you just need to add this part in order to encrypt the email

I have finally created a boolean method to test weather the email is delivered or not

That’s pretty much wraps it up

The above code can be turned into function to automate the mail in your server by making the main method as the interface in your java.

Take your time to comment on this article and one more previous article about the Doc to PDF conversion was just help the programmers how they can approach with file conversion and how to handle the docx files.

Yes, you can send mail from gmail, yahoo or outlook but for the programmers in order to automate their mail server they kinda need this code.

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