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What is the Difference Between Java and JavaScript3 min read

In today’s article I will discuss about difference between java and javascript.

Many people think that JavaScript is a part of Java, but this is not true. Java and JavaScript are similar like Car and Carpet are similar. Below I have shared some key differences between them.

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Developed By

Java was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems.

Object Oriented Programming Language

Java is a true Object Oriented Programming Language as it requires everything to be a part of a Class and thereby, Objects.

Application and Applet

Java is usually used for standalone application software development as well as web applet development.

Java is class-based Programming Language

Every single line of code in Java requires it to be inside a Class (thereafter Objects) which makes it a complete Class based programming language.

Java is a Statically Typed Programming Language

Java uses static typing. It is a process in which type checking is performed during compile-time. Hence, Java is said to be a statically typed programming language.

Applications of Java

Java language can help us to create standalone application software that can be executed on the desktop environments such as on Windows, Mac, Linux. It can also help us to build Applets that can be embedded into HTML.


Java Applet runs on the web browsers, independent of the HTML or any other scripting language used to design that particular web page.


Java programming language is a compiled language. Hence, it needs to be converted into a fresh machine code file on different operating system.

Scope for Modifications

Once a Java Applet or a standalone application is developed after compilation, it cannot be modified. If you want to modify it, you will need to get it done by editing the source code and then re-compiling the complete file.

Ease of Use

Java can be intimidating for a beginner as it needs a good understanding of OOP concepts and its vast. However, if pursued with interest, it can fetch you excellent results.


Developed By

JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape Communications Corporation.

Object Oriented Scripting Language

JavaScript is also an Object Oriented Language but it is a Scripting language which makes it different from Java.

Web Development

JavaScript is normally embedded into HTML code. It is primarily and only used for web development purposes.

JavaScript is Prototype-based Scripting Language

It is a kind of Object Oriented Paradigm in which Inheritance i.e., behavior reuse is performed via a process of cloning (duplicating) existing Objects that act as prototypes.

JavaScript is a Dynamic Typed Scripting Language

JavaScript uses dynamic typing. It is a process in which type checking is performed during run-time. Hence, JavaScript is said to be a dynamic typed scripting language.

Applications of JavaScript

JavaScript cannot be used to create Applets or standalone applications. JavaScript resides inside HTML documents, and provides excellent interactivity features to web pages that are not achievable with HTML and CSS.


JavaScript is dependent upon the HTML code as it always has to be embedded into it. It can run only on web browsers.


JavaScript doesn’t need to be compiled. All of its code is text based. Therefore, it supports almost all the platforms as it has to be executed within a web browser.

Scope for Modifications

JavaScript code can be altered/modified as many times you want without the issue of compilation or interpretation. You just modify it and it will directly update the new code.

Ease of Use

Understanding JavaScript is comparatively easier for a beginner to as its syntax is very easy and concise.

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