Authenticating a user using PDO and password_verify()1 min read

In this tutorial we will discover how to authenticate a user using PDO and password_verify().

First, make sure your passwords are stored in the database using the password_hash() function.

If you are a “beginner”, you must know how to connect to a MySQL database before using the code below. You can not authenticate a user if you are not logged in.

Suppose the user’s credentials come from a POST request, here’s the code you need:

  • In the first line, we create a prepared PDO statement, from a query in which the data is replaced with a question mark (?).
  • In the second line, we execute the query.
  • And in the third line, we get a row from a table.
  • The next line we check at once if our query has returned data, and if so! We check the password.


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