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Pseudocode for Reversing a Number2 min read

Example to reverse an integer entered by the user in Pseudocode . This problem is solved by using loop in this example.

This is a simple program written in pseudocode that calculates the reverse of a given number.

  1. It starts by asking the user to input a number.
  2. Then it initializes a variable “Reverse” to 0.
  3. The program enters a while loop that continues as long as the value of “Number” is greater than 0.
  4. Within the loop, the program calculates the remainder when “Number” is divided by 10 and assigns the result to a variable “Reminder”.
  5. Then it updates the value of “Reverse” by multiplying the previous value of “Reverse” by 10 and adding the value of “Reminder”.
  6. The value of “Number” is then updated by performing integer division by 10.
  7. The while loop continues until “Number” is no longer greater than 0.
  8. The program then outputs the reverse of the entered number.

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