Python Program to Add Two Variables1 min read

Write a program to Add Two Variables in Python

Python 3 Code:


The code you provided is a simple Python program that adds two numbers, num1 and num2, and outputs the result.

The program starts by defining two variables, num1 and num2, and assigns them the values of 5.5 and 1.15 respectively. These variables are floats, which are numbers with decimal places.

Then, the program uses the + operator to add num1 and num2 together and assigns the result to the variable sum.

Next, the print() function is used to output the sum of the two numbers to the console. The format() method is used to insert the values of num1, num2 and sum into the string that is passed to the print() function. The curly braces {} acts as placeholders for the variables that are to be inserted. The numbers within the braces correspond to the index of the variable passed to the format() method.

The final output will be “The sum of 5.5 and 1.15 is 6.65”.

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