Python Program to Find LCM2 min read

Write a program to Find LCM in Python


The program defines a function lcm(x, y) that takes two numbers as arguments and returns their LCM. The function starts by determining which of the two numbers is greater and assigns it to the variable greater. Then, the function uses a while loop to iterate until it finds a number that is both a multiple of x and y.

In each iteration, the function checks if the current greater number is a common multiple of both x and y by using the modulo operator (%) to check if the remainder of both greater divided by x and greater divided by y is zero. If both conditions are true, the current number is assigned to the variable lcm and the loop is broken.

Finally, the function returns the value of lcm.

The main program then prompts the user to enter two numbers and assigns them to the variables num1 and num2. Then it calls the lcm(num1, num2) function and prints out the LCM of the two numbers entered.

For example, if the user enters the numbers 15 and 50, the output would be:

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