Python Program to Find Numbers Divisible by Another Number1 min read

Write a program to Find Numbers Divisible by Another Number in Python


This Python program uses an anonymous function (also known as a lambda function) to find numbers in a given list that are divisible by 15.

The program starts by defining a list of numbers, my_list = [300, 45, 65, 12, 77, 145, 5]. Then, an anonymous function is defined using the lambda keyword, which takes a single argument, x, and returns True if x is divisible by 15 (x % 15 == 0), and False otherwise.

This function is passed as the first argument to the built-in filter() function, which applies the function to each element in my_list. The filter() function returns an iterator containing only the elements of my_list that returned True when passed to the anonymous function. This iterator is then passed to the list() function to convert it to a list, and the result is assigned to the variable result.

Finally, the program prints out the resulting list of numbers divisible by 15, which in this case would be [300,45]

So in summary, the program is using anonymous function with filter function to filter the numbers which are divisible by 15 from a list of numbers and returns the output in the form of a list.

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