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Python Get selected Value from Listbox in Tkinter3 min read

In python you can use the following method to get the selected element in lisxtbox component.

A listbox shows a list of options. You can then click on any of those options. By default it won’t do anything, but you can link that to a callback function or link a button click.


python listbox element click
python listbox element click

Example 1: Tkinter listbox select event

This code is a simple Tkinter program that displays a list of items in a listbox widget and prints the selected item to the console when it is clicked. Here is a more detailed explanation of how it works:

The getElement function is defined to handle the <<ListboxSelect>> event, which is triggered when an item in the listbox is clicked. The function takes an event object as an argument, which contains information about the event, such as the widget that triggered it and the index of the selected item.

The function gets the index of the selected item using the curselection method of the widget and then uses the get method to get the value of the selected item. The value is then set as the text of a label widget using the set method of a StringVar instance, and the index and value of the selected item are printed to the console.

The listbox widget is created using the Listbox class and is populated with a list of items using the listvariable option, which is set to a StringVar instance. The bind method is used to associate the <<ListboxSelect>> event with the getElement function.

Finally, the mainloop method is called to start the event loop, which listens for user input and redraws the GUI as necessary. This is what allows the listbox to function properly.

Example 2:Select listbox element by double click

This code creates a Tkinter GUI with a Listbox and a Label. The Listbox contains a list of fruit names and the Label is used to display the result of selecting an item from the Listbox.

When the user double-clicks on an item in the Listbox, the “getElement” function is called. This function gets the index and value of the selected item and displays the value in the Label. It also prints the index and value to the console.

Finally, the mainloop function is called to start the GUI event loop, which allows the GUI to respond to user interactions.

Python Tkinter listbox get selected item

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