Time Comparison of Different Approaches in Python – Programming Code Examples

Time Comparison of Different Approaches in Python2 min read

Certain methods to generate prime numbers are more efficient. To show this, let’s study time the performance difference between the approaches generating prime numbers up to a given number.

Approach 1: For Loops


Approach 2: For Loops with Break


Approach 3: For Loop, Break, and Square Root

The performance difference can be measured using the the timeit library which allows you to time your Python code. In this case, we are measuring the time it take find prime numbers up to 500 for each approach. The code below runs the code for each approach 10000 times and outputs the overall time it took in seconds.

Clearly Approach 3 is the fastest.

Concluding Remarks

The three approaches are definitely not the only ways to calculate prime numbers, but hopefully the various ways of identifying prime numbers helped you. Prime numbers are important in number theory and cryptographic methods like the rsa algorithm.

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