Write AC code while loop2 min read

This is an example of an infinite while loop in C. The condition inside the parenthesis, in this case true, will always evaluate to true, causing the code inside the loop to run indefinitely. Make sure to include a way to break out of the loop or it will never end.

Here’s some code that will print out the numbers from 1 to 1000 using a while loop:

This code will print out the numbers 1 through 1000, each on a separate line, and then print the message “Done!” once the loop has completed.

Here is an example of a while loop that will run for a certain number of iterations:

In this example, the loop will run as long as the variable i is less than maxIterations. The i++ at the end of the loop increments i by 1, allowing the loop to eventually exit when i is no longer less than maxIterations.

Another example, with a condition:

In this example, the code inside the loop will be executed as long as the condition is true.

More examples: Python Examples

This loop will execute as long as the value of x is less than 10, printing the current value of x each time through the loop and incrementing the value of x by 1 with each iteration. Once the value of x is no longer less than 10, the loop will exit and the program will continue with any code that follows the loop.

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