How to check Oracle Database version1 min read

Connected to an Oracle server by SQL Developer or another database management tool, do you need to know the exact version of the DBMS? This simple command returns a clear result for all versions of Oracle Database, the database server to consult. This request is identical, whether the Oracle server is installed on a Windows or Linux / UNIX OS.



Result on Oracle 19c:


Result on Oracle 12c R2:


Result on Oracle 12c R1:


Result on Oracle 11g R2:

For information, and if there is indeed an Oracle 18c version released in 2018, there has never been an Oracle 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17. The American publisher has gone from version 12c to 18c to name its new versions according to the year of release. Note that Oracle Database 12c was released in July 2013 and 12.2 (12c R2) in September 2016.



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