Examples of Complex Number Type in C++2 min read

<complex> header file is used for declaring a complex number in C++.

We can declare the complex number by using complex(3,4) where 3 is a real number and 4 is imaginary part.

There are three real types in complex numbers. They are float complex, double complex, long double complex.

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C++ Code:

Output: In this program, we are finding the square of the complex number.


C++ Code:

Output: We are just copying the value of c_int into c_double, So it’s printing as (4,5).


C++ Code:

Output: We are multiplying the complex number by 2.


C++ Code:

Output:  We are adding the two complex numbers and printing the result.



Output: In this program, we are adding both complex number and finding the square root of it.


C++ Code:

Output: imag part will return the imaginary part of the complex number.


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